Ridgefield Community UMC
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Helping Hands Ministry

Helping Hands Ministry seeks to lighten the load of families and individuals during challenging seasons in their lives. We organize volunteers who seek to serve through providing meals, visits, rides and errands.


Are you, or someone you know, facing a challenging time in which we can serve you?


Some difficult seasons:


new baby

death in the family

respite care

military deployment


Please contact our Helping Hands coordinator, Lisa Detchman at (360) 608-2251


We'll made it easy for you, your family and/or friends to lend them a hand through Care Calendar!


Care Calendar reduces the amount of time needed to coordinate the effort:Volunteer helpers can access the Care Calendar when it's convenient for them. No need for phone tag or explaining the needs over and over again. Helpers can see what is needed and when and sign themselves up to fill the need.


We'll list the names and log in information for each person receiving care in the bulletin, the newsletter and on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall.


Next time you're at church check out the Helping Hands Ministry bulletin board for opportunities to serve those in need. 


If you have questions about the Care Calendar website, please contact our

calendar administrator at CareCalendar@ridgefieldumc.com



Check out the website:  CareCalendar.org