Ridgefield Community UMC
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

> Children's Ministries

 We are a multi-generational congregation, and we love building relationships between people of all different ages.  Because of that value, we are committed to ministry with and for families and children. 

Our Children’s Ministry Director, Caleb “Bake” Baker, is energetic, outgoing and passionate about helping kids experience the stories of Jesus.  We use Spark House curriculum (link to http://www.wearesparkhouse.org), which is positive, gospel-based and encourages creative thinking about Jesus and his followers. 


Here’s a typical Sunday schedule for our children and families:


10:00 am – Children go to Children’s Church for an opening activity with volunteers.  Parents join Bake for their weekly check in.  They share prayer concerns and learn about the children’s lesson for the morning.


10:15 am – Parents go to worship.  Bake and his volunteers lead Children’s Church.  Kids do crafts, act our stories, play games and watch short videos, all around the morning’s theme and story. 


11:45 am (or whenever worship is over) – Parents and children reunite and join the church for light snacks and visiting in the Fellowship Hall.


Once every six weeks or so, we have an All Church Worship service.  On these Sundays, there is no Children’s Church.  Children instead come to the regular worship and usually have some way to participate in the service, through music, story-telling or ushering. 


About once a month, Bake organizes family events for children and their friends outside of Children’s Church.  We decorate pumpkins at Halloween, put on a Sweetheart’s Dessert for Valentine’s Day, and get outside as much as possible when the weather is nice. 

Where is Children’s Church?

Children’s Church happens in the first story, downstairs from the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.

Who runs Children’s Church?

Bake, as our paid staff person, directs Children’s Church.  He is assisted every week by one or two adult volunteers, as well as the occasional teenager.

What about children who are too young for Children’s Church?  Is there a nursery?

Children’s Church is designed for kids ages 5 and up.  Children ages 4 and under will have fun in our nursery, staffed by one paid staff person and one volunteer each week. 

Where is the nursery?

The nursery is adjacent to the sanctuary.  There are two rooms; one large one with plenty of toys and a smaller cry room with a window and entrance to the sanctuary, a restroom, a changing table and two rocking chairs.  Both rooms have audio so adults can hear the worship service while they are in with the children. 

Will my children be safe?

We adhere to the Safe Sanctuaries Policy of The Pacific-Northwest Conference of The United Methodist Church.  We also have our own local policies.  All volunteers and employees are background checked.  No adult will be alone with a child or children.  While our children are on two different levels, all rooms and spaces are open and windowed at all times.  We will keep children as safe as possible.