Ridgefield Community UMC
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for checking out our website.  Whether you’re in the area for a weekend, you’ve just moved to North Clark County, or you’re looking for a new faith community to call home, I hope you’ll explore Ridgefield Community United Methodist Church. 


I joined RCUMC in July 2014 as their pastor.  I’ve found this congregation to be earnest in their faith, authentic in their welcome and engaged in their community.  We are a congregation of wise elders, rambunctious young families, passionate teenagers, talented adults and all around lovely people.  Ridgefield is the fastest growing community in the state of Washington, and we’re committed to being part of that growth!  We are growing not just in numbers, but in the quality of our relationships, the depth of our faith and the reach of our service. 


My husband, Christopher, and I have two small children—two and five years old—and I’m grateful they are growing up in this church.  This church will teach them that God loves them no matter what, that they will be forgiven when they mess up and encouraged to try again, that our family and friendships are precious, and that they are people of sacred worth capable of making a difference in our world. 


This church is also a place where I have found friends, people who will celebrate with me and will support me when life brings mourning.  This church helps me serve, whether it’s leading monthly worship at a homeless day center, weekly Bible activities at an adult mental health facility, taking the youth on mission trips or just being present in our very active Ridgefield community.


This church also loves to sing, to study, and to talk!  It might not be the right community for everyone, but I hope you’ll come by and see if it’s the right community for you.  I think it’s a great place to be and to love.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Meredith

Pastor Meredith Gudger-Raines