Ridgefield United Methodist Church

September 19th, Service

September 12th Service

September 5th Service

August 15th, 2021

How do we care for those who once cared for us? How do we include those who feel othered? Pastor Jo Ann led us through Exodus 1:1-14 and explored how Joseph, once renowned to the Pharoahs, had become a forgotten memory and the impact this had on the Israelites in Egypt. We have folks in our congregation, community, and country who no longer serve as actively as they once did. We are called to gather in these follks and help them to feel the love of God through our community. - Words by Meghan Green

What does Jesus mean when he's talking about the living waters? How do we harness the spring within ourselves that wells up into eternal life? Pastor Jo Ann gave us the message of living water this week and relayed how Mr. Rogers and others have tapped into their gifts to make change to the world around them. We may not have TV shows or write books or even protest in the streets, but Pastor Jo Ann asks us to lean into every bit of our own gifts to create change in the world. - Words by Meghan Green

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